Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Well it’s the time and day you all have been waiting for…
The WINNER of my very 1st Photo Challenge!!!!
(Loud background applause)

Over hours of deliberation trying to pick the best one,
And might I add was very hard because they all were amazing edits and titles!



 "Young Imaginations"


"Good Pals in Good Places"

It was a hard decision to make because There were 3 great pictures of #1
and so I looked at #2 and decided!!

So tell me 5 things you really like?
What’s your favorite color?
Do you like to wear Jewelry?
If so which one the most…?
Do you like coffee cups or drinking mugs?
And if you could get something under ten dollars what would it be?
Comment back with the answers and I will let you know what your prize will be…!
Cannot wait to hear back!
Also you have won a spot onto my blog…
A guest blogger...
(Write about yourself, whatever it may be must be appropriate of course  J
Also attach a picture that you want to post with it!
Because It’s a blog post to feature YOU!


  1. Oh my goodness! Wow! THankyou so much!!! Okay...So 5 things I really like...1-Horses! 2-reading, 3-Crafts/sewing, 4-Flip-flops,5-Daisies!
    I wear jewlery a lot, but I usually avoid anything on the bulky side.
    When I see a cool coffe mug I think 'Cute!' but my parents limit my coffee intake to once or twice a week, so I dont really use mugs that much. If I could get something for under $10 dollars it would probably be a cute pair of sunglasses!

    1. Favorite Color? and sounds good

    2. Oh, I forgot! Let see... I like bright blues and turquoise...and I like yellow.

    3. don't forget to email me I will need your address to send you the surprise gift!


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