Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Money well spent

Today I got to use the bag I just purchased from Costco yesterday. It is a shopping bag to save on the use of the store bags (trying the whole Go Green thing), I am impressed it was under $7 and it's huge and stored so much. It is durable, insulted for those cold products I buy also.  I was able to stick 10 of the baby formulas, bread, 2 packs of tortillas/wraps, salad and cilantro. I was impressed and in love, so glad I bought them to use instead to the other bags.

Other then this cool bag I was able to relax in the morning for a few hours, then went to get a few things for dinner, and then got the two older boys from school. Once we all had dinner I went for a walk with my little man, I walked for over an hour and got in a good amount of steps.

I was also able to capture some great pictures, I am blessed and thankful to be able to walk down the street and enjoy a calm, relaxing feeling. To be able to do the things that others may not get the options to do. A beautiful blue Montana sky

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