Sunday, June 17, 2012

Update :)

My Daddy and my family at Disneyland!-2011-

So I am working on a post for tomorrow... I will not get time to post today due to the fact that I let my laundry go this week ... he-he :) so I had to catch up and get it done and put away. Now its late and I am sleepy but I had a great day with an amazing day at church and spending time with my church family and going to the nursing home (more on that tomorrow with pictures :) and then just a blessed day! With being a single mother of two boys I play the role of father and mother with them! and it can be tough sometimes but God has my best intentions at hand... I am growing from this experience and so are my kids!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's our there and single mother who have to play both parents!

More good things to come to all that wait... he-he

I Love My father...
                             Thanks Heavenly Father for allowing me to have an Earthly Father!



  1. Lovely picture with your dad and a lovely post! =)

    1. Thank you very much... I loved it and it had all of us in it! : )


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