Saturday, April 29, 2017

New Additions

My Family has grown bigger by TWO I shall explain 😊 

       I have known Chris (my partner) for about 6 years. He asked me out a couple years ago and I said yes, we went out on a date and it was explosive. Chemistry, Love, passion, strength, vision and so much more. He pushes me and encourages me to be and do better, he has this way about him to calm me down when I am upset. We are similar yet different, an example is we like to enjoy today and each other, relax, take the time we have in (absorb it so to speak) and the difference is that he is quiet, I am not, he has patience's and I could learn to have more. 

      Then there is OUR (Chris and I) new son Baby T, he is such a ham. I Am truly blessed and thankful for this adorable little guy, he lights up my life even brighter then what it was before. He has brought his dad and I even closer together,this little boy smiles and we melt. Just watching him grow and learn makes it worth it. When I see Chris playing with him or talking to him, it is captivating. 

      Some of you may not know but I was a single mother of two boys, now 11 years old and 10 years old. They are my world just as much as Chris and Baby T are, I miss them being so small but i enjoy who they have become. My two older boys are infatuated with him, and were even more enamored with Baby T.  

      I now have a total of Five in my lovely family, and I thank God daily for what he has allowed and has given me. No matter what happens in life there is always a rainbow around the corner I got to experience that with my family.

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