Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hey everyone!

    Written on Nov, 11th 2013

      It has been a really long time since I have done a post. So much for trying to post daily or weekly am I right... :) So here is an update this year, i have had my up's and down's this year. which is nothing different from last yr. My car broke down and so forth but I am still happy to be here and enjoying my life.

       But today is a special day, my youngest little boy turned 7 today... Wow they just keep growing up and getting older. I work today and he is with his father today until 6 pm (mtn time). I have come up with a quiet little birthday with myself and the two boys to celebrate his birthday. The plan is a movie then a nice homemade dinner of his choice and a cake to enjoy, that his big brother and mommy made.

We are going to watch Free Birds

  Then for dinner after the movie we will have Chicken w/ mashed potatoes & gravy and corn.
And a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.
Looking forward to my happy boy

Dinner yummy

My cake was so cute!
Nothing to fancy used what I had in the home.
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