Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo Challenge Extended... yay

      Just to let you all know I did extend the photo challenge until June 24th 2012, I did update the post but I did not create another post... oops he-he so i am letting you know now! Enter now and the prize will be given to the winner...

      The best thing it will be based off the interest or liking of that person who wins... Though it will not be an expensive gift or something but the individual will like it... so Enter to win and see what the prize will be win it is awarded!!!

Let's Go  follower's... Let's Go... yay!!!

I only have I do believe only 2 who have entered... :(

lol but they are really great so come on and take the time to have some fun and enter my challenge! You know you want too! :)

I cannot wait to see all the great edited photo's Here is the link to the Challenge!!!  God's Creation's!

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