Tuesday, November 30, 2010

*~~~ McGuffey's Ranch ~~~*

God has blessed me and my family with the most wonderful friends.
I went with Mrs. S and her way fun Children to the McGuffey's Ranch on Nov 12 2010, Even though it was so cold outside you still felt the warmth of those close friends and family that were near
(As to me they are all my family).

As we pulled in the drive way, we saw J outside playing he opened the gate to let Mrs. S pull in with her van loaded with children and me, we slowly but surely got out of the van the little boys ran off to play and watch the chickens.
Before the boys could go too far, Mrs. M made sure to tell the two youngest of the boys
"Do not chase the chickens, if you do you will scare them and they will not lay eggs".

Then Mrs. M, Mrs. S and I gather our things and brung them into the house
 where the warmth hits our faces like a calming feeling of safety and love, the home made us knowing we could be yourself.
Once in the home we all fellowship and were able to be with the family and friends which we cherish.
The young children outside in the cold playing, the teenagers in the room talking and doing school work, the coolest mommy's in the kitchen chatting away.
Once we all settle in we make the children lunch and the mommy's have a few hours alone to fellowship.
(And guess what we did)
I was able to watch how to milk a goat, but was not willing to try at that point in time. But it was really cool to watch Mrs. M do her thing (which she was fast at). Way to go Mrs. M, you know what you are doing, and Mrs. S awesome for trying to milk it as well.

Later in the evening,
Miss MH, Miss C, and Miss K took me to tour the ranch,
I saw chickens, goats, horses and I even saw a Lion.

 Scary lol!

 These girls (though they might be young) are the Prettiest, smartest and respectful girls I know,
 I Love these girls like they were my own sisters. Yes I know I am considered an adult I can still relate to the young and older women,
But as I was given the tour we were freezing, our nose red like roses and the stinging of the cold air so we ran to the barn on the other side of the ranch and warmed up.
We climbed up the secret ladder (which are not a secret but looks it - hidden)
and went to the second floor, we got to talked, we ran,
jumped and of course I screamed (thanks Miss K for scaring me). It was the most fun time I have had in a while.

So thanks to all that made this day possible and you all know who you are.
Here are some other pictures I took that day also.

A blessing is given each day to all whether it is a good or bad day,
 just a lesson to learn from as we grow in faith and follow our Lord and savior.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life . . .

So when you think life gets you hard,
 to where you feel like you cannot get up . . .
Well just remember to cast your burdens and worries onto the Lord.
Psalm 55:22
Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee:
he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

I know I sometimes have to remind myself,
 but it is what helps me move forward in life.
If it was not for him and my church family I know
that I would be so deep in the pits of sorrow.
Shout to the Lord of the earth, let us praise him.

When you think you have or had it rough,
Jesus Christ was beat, cut up, and nailed to the cross,
for speaking the truth.
no one will ever no that kind of roughness,
I thank the Lord Jesus for what he did for me and my kids.

Nothing but the blood of Jesus!!!

Jesus paid it all, all to him I owe!!
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