Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tending to the Plot

Today was a great day, 
the family ( Chris, Myself, and 3 young boys) went to our garden plot to clean it up.
We do not have much experience in gardening, so this was a fun experience.

     First we learned it always seem like a lot when you first start to pull the weeds, but once you are dirty then you just do not want to stop... (At least for me that is ha-ha) Second you should always included or try to keep the Children happy/busy. The two oldest boys were all excited till they realized it was hard work. Once i told them what there jobs were they did it, for a few seconds. Then my oldest decided he did not want to listen to me after 25 minutes in and wanted to do his own thing the whole time. Boy did that get cut short, he had to sit out on the rest of the family fun.
     My 2nd oldest helped with doing what he loves, collecting big rock out of the garden plot and playing with little man. All in all it was a fun afternoon, trying new thing and figuring out what we needed to use and how to use them and so on. We are still deciding what to put in our garden, but are excited to finish it up. Chris and I still need to do some weeding and removing some of the big rocks on our second trip, but we are so looking forward to it. we loved just being outdoors even though the sun was playing peek a boo with us , it was still nice out and to be able to breath in the clear air was fantastic.
     We did that for a few hours till we went home for lunch and a little relaxing for the rest of the day. Over all it was an eventful day. I relaxed so much that I did not clean the house, so boy will the boys and I be busy tomorrow cleaning and getting things neat and tidy.

Hope you had a blessed and fun filled Sunday 

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