Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oh the summer is here : )

Here are some picture's I took while on some different walk with my big boy!!

Genesis 1:1

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth"

What an amazing thing... 
to create you and me and all the things we see.

I want you to take a walk and take a few pictures of what you see,
then write a post about it comment and leave the link below...!!!

I know it will be fun!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Pictures!

Here are some picture's I have been wanting to put up but just have not had time to post them nor write a blog about so I call this my random picture blog!!

 KB took
 KB took
 KB took...

 Chas took pic...
Mrs. N took...

All pictures that are not stated who took I took them but the ones that are stated then well you know  :)
Just a few different pictures from different times this July month!


The Winners gift!

So I wanted to post on the gift I sent out To 
Sarah from  Doodle Pad 
I sent these cute items based on what she said she liked! 
Well I wanted to get her a pair of sun glasses
 (boy did that adventure go the wrong way), 
so I ended up sending her these...

Just a hand purse and some cute socks with her favorite colors!

~Sarah I do hope you liked these items~!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pen Pal In Norway...?!

So I had a pen-pal in Norway, ok so maybe it was not a real kind of pen-pal but hey I got a post card.

This postcard was from my awesome friend and sister-in-Christ Jeri!!
She wrote me and I did not even knew she got my address!
So I went to check my mail because Mrs. N told me to just check
 and there it was sitting among the bills and junk!
Boy did that make my day,
 I was so happy I had a few tears in my eyes.
Lets say the day was not going to well so it was a pick me upper!
To think this wonderful girl is on vacation in Norway for about a month and she says hey I will write and send Heather (me) a postcard!
I am Loved !!!!

Kirk and Jeri

This lady was gone for about a month and it made me sad : ( 
but I was able to Skype with her (thanks to Kirk)
when I went over on Sundays to visit with the family!
 She also brought back a few things and she even brought me something too!
**** :) ****

All from Norway!

A beautiful Necklace!

A closer look!

She made everyone 1 krone bracelets!

The other side!

Exchange rate for converting Norwegian Krone to United States Dollar : 1 NOK = 0.16506 USD

kr 1 NOK$ 0.17 USD
kr 5 NOK$ 0.83 USD
kr 10 NOK$ 1.65 USD
kr 50 NOK$ 8.25 USD
kr 100 NOK$ 16.51 USD
kr 250 NOK$ 41.27 USD
kr 500 NOK$ 82.53 USD
kr 1,000 NOK$ 165.06 USD
kr 5,000 NOK$ 825.32 USD
kr 10,000 NOK$ 1,650.65 USD
kr 50,000 NOK$ 8,253.24 USD
kr 100,000 NOK$ 16,506.49 USD
kr 500,000 NOK$ 82,532.43 USD
kr 1,000,000 NOK$ 165,064.85 USD
Last Updated: 

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