Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 McGuffey’s Ranch Pig Roast

Another year and now we are back to another awesome pig roast with the church family.
I for one am and was excited about this event…
I mean come on traveling to a faraway place, fellowship with new friends and church family.
What is there not to love, Oh not to mention that there is a pig roasting Imu underground oven.

So I got to the McGuffey’s Ranch around noon, boys went off to play with the other kids.
I brought in the food I brought,
Then Mrs. N, Chas, Kb, and I went on a little “Field Trip” as we are calling it.
We went to St. Regis Montana (which was a little town not far from where we were at),
Once we arrived we went into two different Antique shops…
Wow is what I thought.
There were so many different things there to look at…
It brought back memories to some of us who were around that time (when the items were used or popular).

                                                             This is how it started...

It tried to Kill me!

                                                           Chas On the Pink Phone

                                                                   Girls being Girls ....

                                                  This WW2 Knuckle Knife $600

 KB Playing with the Hats


                                                        Me sitting on a handmade Chair 
                                                                     (Costly at that)

After these two nice visits we drove across the street to the St. Regis gift shop.
And man this place had gift items galore…
So I bought a few things 3 to be exact, one item for me and 1 for each boy.

                                                            KB trying on the shades

           After spending over 2 hours in that little town we drove back to the BBQ. 
There was great food, people, games, and hospitality there! 
I love being around fellow believers in the Lord Jesus.
It’s a big support group to help one another when in need or just to have fun times together.

More Scenery
                                                                       And More Scenery
                                                               Volley ball time!!! Yay
                                                                The Loin and Sarah
                                                                     The half built Yurt
                                                           Love my boys face expressions.
                                                                  Under the soon to be Yurt
                                                                      My boys and I!
My big boys!
                                                            They are not that innocent... lol

                                                                 My church family!!
                                                                   The boys eating...
Still eating lol

                                                                 Playing a card game...
                                                                          Huh what...
                                                                   I love these people!

So much fun at the McGuffey's Ranch! I always love going there and being around all the awesome people...
I had a blast on Saturday June 9th 2012,being able to spend the day with the ones I love and my boys had an amazing time being able to run around (because it's not allowed at my houses he-he) and live it up.

Thank you McGuffey's for allowing us to come out and Thank you Gergens for the Pig!!! 

Muchs thanks to all those who came and contributed to pig roast!


  1. Great pictures, I enjoyed looking through them!! :)

  2. This was soooo fun! Love the pictures Heather!

  3. Thank you! I am great you like them!


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