Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Different Fonts : )

So I have been goofing off with all these different types of fonts… I would like you (followers) to decide on the best one ok?!

There’s this one called “Catholicschoolgirl”…. Weird name right lol

Then there’s this one called “Arabic typesetting” which is not bad right! 

The next one is called “Amienne” it is soso lol

And this one is called “Californian FB” now that’s a name right there!!

And for the last on this one is called “Freestyle Script” which is pretty also…

The one I used at the top and right now is the normal times new roman which is the common one to use… But hey I like to liven things up a bit by selecting different font to use on my blogs. So tell me which one you like the most though there are many I use but out of these five let me hear what you think?!

So As I have heard that I can see the different font but others might not be able too? weird right... lol well if you cannot see them then why not experiment with the different fonts you have on Microsoft Words 2010 have fun and enjoy!


  1. I kinda like the Californian FB. Cool post Heather. I love all the different fonts!!!

    1. Thanks... I am the same way I love all the different kinds of fonts... It's fun to be able to play around though it does make me sad that most might not I use on my blog but me : ( lol but hey we will push forward!!

  2. Hi Heather,
    I finally have a minute to visit here! Very fun. I messed around with fonts on evening and was so excited to see my photos with descriptive fonts below them...but very few people could see them. I read that if someone doesn't have a particular font installed on their computer, they can't see it.I have no clue about that, but i sure can see your examples. I might have to look into this again!
    Thanks for your comments as well.

    1. Yes I noticed that earlier today that some may not be able to see the different fonts because of maybe a different program or computer... lol that is weird and I am also looking into it! thanks for the comment!


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