Sunday, February 20, 2011

Have you ever heard the angels sing . . .?

   Have you ever heard the angels sing . . .?
Because today I did hear them,
As I sat in my favorite phew at church the 5 phew on the far right,
I heard the piano playing,
This amazing woman sat there playing this most wonderful sound,
It was like angels singing a heavenly song.
I look at this woman I see how God has filled her heart and soul,
You can see and hear the emotion and love she puts into the music,
I lower my head and close my eyes,
I listen to the piano play and hear each different key make such a wonderful note to add to the song,
The sound so soft and delicate,
A blessing of its own,
As I am sitting there with my eyes closed I feel the presence of the Lord,
 I know he is listening and seeing this person play so passionately for him,
 She plays for the Lord,
It even gives a blessing to those who listen as well.
I know that when I hear those fingers touch the keys that make a different note,
Those notes turn into a song which makes music,
A heavenly sound, heavenly music!

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