Friday, February 18, 2011


So it seems like every morning I get lazier and lazier, not wanting to get up and not wanting to get dressed. It’s these winter days I just want to stay in bed and curl up with a book or movie and not move. I am more of a summer girl myself up at the crack of dawn, waiting to do something in the sun. I guess this is what I get for moving to Montana where you get every season there is…
Do not get me wrong I love Montana in the summer, spring and fall (sometimes). I love my time that I have in the summer, when we can float the rivers, go to the parks and get wet, that is the great thing about Montana parks they have water set in almost every park in town. So we can play on the playgrounds or get wet in the water park set ups.
But back to the point I am an active person in most of the seasons except winter, I am like a bear I roam around in the seasons but when fall starts to turn into winter good night to all. I mean come one who really wants to go out into the cold all the time, especially when you have to drive in the snow. I get tired of trying to not get stuck in the snow and when I do I have to try to get out of it but as many times as I do get stuck in all the snow that seems to fall makes me want to stay inside even more.
So I am a bear I hibernate and become lazy, that is when the Lord comes in and kicks me. I am reminded that I need to get up and move on, the Lord is always with me pushing me forward, to hold my hand, and even give me the extra pep I need in my day. Lord you help us all out of the lazy moments, angry moments, jealous moments, lustful moments and so much more.
I praise you and give thanks for you being by my side even when I think I am alone, you never leave me or forsake me Lord.


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