Monday, February 14, 2011

Fellowship . . .

Cold winter breeze brushing on my face as we glide across the ice with our brown leather, scratched up, used skates that seem to wear out your feet when they are used. The feeling of such joyous fellowship with close family in Christ, these precious friends I truly love. While skating we look at one another with our pink checks flowing into a wonderful smile, talking about what the day holds for us and the week to come as we zig and zag through the unknown skaters on the ice. Then as I wait near the middle of the ice watching the skaters glide on the ice like angel in the sky, I see it all in slow motion right foot left foot right foot again and continue. Then you see those new skaters who hold on to the walls or a hand of a friend, (which was me not long ago).
I see couples, friends and even families just gathering and having a fun time with one another; these days are such joy, beginning able to fellowship whit the one we are close with. God has blessed me with such great brother’s and sisters in Christ to fellowship with. That purple jacket she wears sometimes with her brown oh so curly hair, beautiful eyes and a smile that could kill a man with one look, she is like her own hockey player the way she move even though she has no experience as a hockey player (at least that what she thinks sometimes) she gets low and starts to skate so fast as I watch her make huge circles around me I just stand in amazement on how focused and how determined this teen is. She is such an honest and sweet friend and she is a great blessing to have in mine and my kid’s life as well.
Then I look around and spot her is her brown jacket the same one I have but mine is gray, her jacket has the fur still attacked her hands in her pocket just skating along and enjoying the fun time. As I look the other way the next thing I know I have someone pushing me to wear my skates slide a little forward on the solid water (ice). I catch myself from falling and there she is Miss Brown jacket with her huge laughing looks, light brownish blonde wavy hair with and bubbly personality. She is just like me serious when we want to be and a big goof ball a big part of the time, She is a blessing in my life as well she is very bright, is not afraid to mess around and be herself she is the life of the party. God brought such a beautiful person to brighten up my life.
As we all three stand in the middle we look to the left and see the one woman who raised these fine girls to be what and who they are now. She has taken in such a person as me that I know this woman is the most amazing person. She is funny, caring, most warm hearted, God fearing woman I know and proud to have these people in my life.
Over the years I have had so many great and not so great people go in and out of my life, but now I have found a place that I love with great friends and people I have adopted into my very own family. Mrs. S and her awesome girls whom I adore have been a blessing to me when we talk, text, hangout from hangout at their home to skating or whatever it may be they have blessed me and my boys lives and that is what fellowship is. To be with one’s who care, have a friendly relationship, the same and not the same interest and even believe in the same thing. God does things for a reason and he has blessed us all with the option to choose what to believe and whom to spend your time with. How you choose is up to you I hope that all believe “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16
We fellowship with one’s that know the truth and we talk and praise and worship our Lord Jesus Christ, because of him we are able to receive such a marvelous free gift. I am glad I accepted the free gift and I hope one day you will too.

Fellowship: Friendly relationship; companionship; communion, as between members of the same church; similar tastes and or interest, etc.

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  1. Hey
    Miss Heather...
    We love you...and your sweet boys!
    We are glad that God has put you in our lives and you are like family to us.
    Much love to you,
    Mrs. S.


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