Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A book . . .

On Sunday 01/08/2012 I started to read a new book I purchased from a traveling book store that came to our church. It is called “Preparing To Be A Help Meet"... So far this book has definitely opened my eyes to how the world is different in the way things are done for example the words dating and courting.

DATING - to become dated, to go out on usually romantic dates

Synonyms: GO OUT (WITH), TAKE OUT “Date” a person with whom one has a usually romantic date.

To date someone now a day is to be more intimate with one another on a more physical basis


Courting - To engage in social activities leading to engagement and marriage

“Court” somewhat old-fashioned: to act in a way that shows that you want or intend to get married.

To court is to get to know someone with the intent to marry, to create a bond with one another through getting to know each other spiritually and setting the foundation for marriage.

It really makes you look at the world we live in and see how far we have come, from courting someone that we intend to marry to dating and sleeping around. There are not many who wait till marriage anymore, but let me tell you, it gets old.  Pretty soon you will start to judge every person you are with and will never truly be satisfied with life or yourself. You will either end up feeling used and taken advantage of, you will feel the only way to get love is to give yourself to that person. For all you know you may end up pregnant (possibly alone) and have to decide to either keep or get rid of the baby. Which are both very hard decision sometimes (Though I’m Pro Life).
Why is it so hard to wait anymore, we have become so impatient and expect things fast and right away with everything. We rush life and so much more, enjoy being a child of God and grow do not cave into becoming impure. Because once it is gone there is no way to get it back… Believe me I know all too well I was a sinner and I met guy of my dreams (or so I thought) I thought one day we will marry and have a family so it will be alright to cave in to the ways of the world. I thought that because he LOVED me and I him that it was ok.
I did not have the biblical knowledge never understood or really talked about waiting for marriage. I was young, my family told me it was best to wait but it was never really reinforced. I do regret some of the choices in my life; I learn from them and want to live better now that I know about the Lord. I want to be able to tell others males and females that it is best to wait, if you choose to wait (no matter if other makes fun of you). You should be proud because you are pure and not afraid to go against what everyone else is doing. God has a plan for all of us no matter what has happened in life or what choices we have made, he loves us and will continue to love us.

He can save us from our sins and gives us victory if we follow his plans for our lives!

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