Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flowers . . .

My little guy next to the Sunflowers he planted...

Edible Flowers...? But they are to cute to be eatin.

Flowers I saw at the farmers market... Beautiful

These are flowers I saw when waking in Montana...
(All pictures listed above are my very own pictures that I took)

And this is a picture of the most prettiest flower/tree a
Cherry Blossom...

Flowers there are many different colors and shapes and sizes,
We love them all.
That is how we should be with one another,
We should love one another.
Though we may disagree, or dislike something,
The Lord tells us to love one another.
Yet we still should put some space between,
those that are not equally yoked with us as well.
That way we are not tempted to do worldly things.


  1. Amen, sister! That is very true. I love how you put things like that. It's straight-forward, pretty and not shoved, in-your-face. Very nice. I love the pictures by the way. :) They're BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Heather!!! The flowers are sooooooooooooo pretty :)


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