Tuesday, August 2, 2011

California Trip

The wait till the trip begins seems to always be the longest waiting time, I was packed and tickets in hand arriving early to claim my seats. But once at the check in counter I find out they are boarding the plane and already gave my seats away...? I am thinking I pay $60 to save my seat and you give them away yes that makes sense right? No I do not think so, me and my little ducklings board the plane for the 2 hour flight to Nevada Las Vegas or Sin City as we all know it. As we are waiting for takeoff the kids are looking out the window and the plane begins to move their faces light up and are full of excitement as we ride along the pathway and then you feel the acceleration and speed, which makes us bump and bounce on the plane letting us know we are about to go up into the sky. I tell the kids to feel and watch the window as we are lifting off the ground.

We are in the sky’s flying towards our destinations so the long and boring flight seems even longer when there are two kids needing to be entertained and not much to entertain them with. We arrive at our destination and there is my father waiting for us after we finally find our way to the luggage claims where he is waiting. As soon as I am there we hug each other and wait to claim the bags which waiting for 30 minutes we are finally able to leave and we walk out into the hot humid day in Vegas.

Many know me and at one point in time I would have loved being there years ago, but it gave me a pain in my head (literally) bring on the migraine which did not leave till we left the state line. It was nice to be in the hotel to cool off but not much to do there when you are against drinking and gambling, let’s just say my kids were saying “mommy gambling is bad so why are they doing it” then I replied “not everybody understands that it is wrong and we do know that it is wrong thanks to the Lords words, they give us the correct information we need to know what is a sin” and there were other questions and other answers.
I get to drive my dad’s new car all. The way home while everyone sleeps on Saturday the day after we arrive. By 12:30pm pacific time we arrive and unpack. The next few days I was able to see a few friends. I also was able to stop on Monday at a Mexican store to pick up my most favorite thing called “Mexican candy” which is quite yummy… now I am sitting at my dad’s table typing this while my two boys and my father are watching Rio a really great bird cartoon that came out and they love it.

        And the Pretty sky yesterday...


  1. Sounds like an exciting trip...not the starting though...
    I am sure you enjoyed driving your Dad's car. 8~)
    I laughed when I saw the Mexican candy...at least you don't have to worry about sharing it.
    Come back "home" refreshed and enjoy your time with your Dad.
    And thanks for posting!
    Love ya,
    Mrs. S.

  2. California sounds amazing hope your having fun ;)



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