Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blogs blogs and more blogs!

Hello, Hello, Hello

So I have been a real slacker and I could give you so many reasons as to why I have not blogged, but well i wont.  :) 
 So The past few weeks have been some fun roller coasters, and I can say I have enjoyed the ups and the downs in my life and I know 

I am on a down one right now but I can see the slow incline coming up... 
Yay! So I have been sick for a week but hoping to be on the mends right now and so I am trying to start and get with it and write more... 
No I cannot promise anything because well
 life happens sometimes as I have said in one of my Blogs before. 

So I plan to do my best a do some more blogs 
and get myself out there and make this a habit and my hobby! 
So look forward to a new 2013, I want to beat my last blog amount this year by so much more!!

 Also come on and not be shy I can help you 
and you can help me I will accept and feature some 
of you awesome bloggers out there.
 If you are interested let me know and I will send you a list of question to answer
 and you can do the same 
and we can feature each other! 

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