Wednesday, February 8, 2012

He watches us always . . .

Living life and having fun doing what you want... That's life today, living crazy, drinking, smoking, partying and letting loose. But how long will it last and where does it get you?

God watches everything we do. He knows what we think, who we are thinking about, and what we think about doing and or even do them.

As someone once said in church, "God is all knowing!"

But have you EVER stopped to think about God's way? The way God sees life and the way he sees us!

God see things different from the way we see things!

Can you honestly look at the life you lead and say, "Wow, God would be proud...!" Or at least that he'd be happy with how you are leading your life and who you are letting lead you?
Its like those bumper stickers you've seen how they say "Jesus is my co-pilot" .... Wow that makes me laugh because to be honest we all have at one point in our life (or still are) put Jesus as our co-pilot!

But no one can drive their own life to heaven only Jesus can! We drive ourselves to hell as is and we may make pit stops on the way but at those pit stops God sends you someone or something to guide you and even drive you back.

But thats a choice we all have to make. To see things God's way as a Christian, to sit up and learn about the Most Holy Things! We are of the world and flesh and selfish, greedy, hungry and so much more....

But God has a plan for all of us... He wants us to use ourselves... " are God's building" 1 corinthians 3:9 he wants us to stand as soldiers at the ready to fight to lead others to the Lord... To make Jesus as the pilot instead of a co-pilot!

We need to worry more about those people around us...

To listen to them, to help others and to pray for others...

We as Christians should not let this world and the opinions stop us from standing in the front line and winning souls not matter what may come our way!

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