Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!

So today is MY BEST FRIENDS aka SISTER"S birthday!!!

I wanted to say that she is a wonderful person and has been a blessing in my life even for the 17 1/2 years that we have known each other!!!

It all started on a nice summer night as I was playing Barbie’s in the garage!

I was playing on my big blanket with all my Barbie dolls and accessories...

(Those were the days :) lol)

As I was playing my mother walks into the garage with a little girl with curly swirled hair.

(I was shy and as well not use to sharing might I add ONLY GIRL in the family)

My mother introduced me and asked if I could let her play Barbie’s!

Boy did I not know what I was getting myself into!


We played as often as we could and I loved it!

It was so crazy the amount of time we spent together and everything we did together!

How I always wanted what she had or vice versa!

(Which she never really wanted my things! lol)

But who would have guess that we would still be so close after 17 1/2 years?

Sisters for Life!
We are now both sister's in Christ!

We are saved and Know where we are going to go when we died or when the Lord comes to take us home!

But anyways let’s get back to the story...
Helen moving around a lot but we still always managed to keep in contact!
Then I move and still we never lose touch!
Now we live in the same city in the same state just about 15 minutes away from each other and talk almost daily!
We have grown into such amazing and humble women!
And I thank God for this particular blessing in my life!
She is there for me and even though we have had different lives....

I STILL LOVE MY SISTER HELEN... To be honest I LOVE her even more now! lol!


A Big thank you to Nelma and James for making and having this awesome lady that we see today!!!!


  1. AWW!!!!


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