Saturday, October 23, 2010

Womens Bible Class . . .

So I have been reading this really good book called " Becoming A Vessel GOD CAN USE", I like this question and i would like all of you to ask yourself that question and see what you come up with . . . Imagine yourself as a vessel. Describe what you see? Do you see yourself as a chipped, cracked, broken, and dirty or maybe you feel like a dusty old jar forgotten on the self? Maybe an ugly water pitcher unpolished and tarnished, How about a crystal vase . . . you look great from a distance and people admire you, but a closer look reveals that there are cracks from top to bottom. You could not hold water if you tired let alone provide life to another living being. This book By Donna Partow is a really great book I am still reading it but it helps you realize that though you might not be perfect God will use the imperfect like me more than the perfect sometimes. Lady’s out there I have been blessed with both good and bad blessings but as I tell myself “the Lord does not give me anything I cannot handle”. So love yourself whether you are big, small, tall, short . . . because God loves you for you if you want to keep healthy that’s fine also but just know when you look in that mirror every day the Lord see a wonderful creation that he made and he does adore you!

By: One of God’s Creations!

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  1. Thanks for telling us about this book. Sounds like a good book to read. And sharing you thoughts about it.


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