Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Surprise Birthday Luncheon . . .

So today I normally have sewing lessons but it ended up being a get to gather luncheon instead. It was actually a surprise birthday party (belated of course), but still a blast especially when you get to have fellowship with all sorts of wonderful lady’s. Thanks to Mrs. B we had a great place to have the bash, we all got to talk , eat, and enjoy everyone’s company now who wouldn’t like that. I am always thankful for the Lord blessing me with the most wonderful lady’s to go to church with and just be able to get together outside of church as well. We had a wonderful table set up with a variety of little lunch snacks and desert was after.
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Thanks to all the lady’s that came and made this event special for Mrs. L –Mrs. H, Mrs. B, Mrs. D, Mrs. L, Mrs. M, Mrs. B, Mrs. S you lady’s Rock . . .
I will add a few other pictures as well of the lady’s luncheon and surprise party.

Picture By: *...Take Some Pictures... Today...*

Picture By: *...Take Some Pictures... Today...*

1 comment:

  1. It sure was fun, great food, great fellowship and FUN time was had by all!!!

    Mrs. S.


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