Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun Sunday Fellowship . . .

Well I had an amazing day today I was invited out to a family’s home for lunch!
(Thanks *...Take Some Pictures...*)
So I went to their house and Mrs. S and her family were their (So like 6 people) and then Mrs. L was there with her family (7 were there). We had great fellowship and me and M-H got to fellowship in the kitchen and bake, I baked some cookies and M-H made a pumpkin roll-(sorry not sure the real name for it) which for her first time was really yummy and my first time eating it. So yay to M-H for such a wonderful dessert, I baked yummy cookies and just got to have a really great day getting to know everyone and I can honestly say that the Lord is showing me ways to stay out of the devils view. But of course he still try’s to step in but thanks to the Lord I am walking by faith and in the light.  So thanks for the yummy food and fellowship oh and by the way we had for lunch chicken casserole (my first time) and it was quite good and then before we headed to evening service at our wonderful church (Open Door Baptist Church) we had some chicken salad sandwiches with miracle whip and I fell in love! (With the food that is)
Thank you to all who were there and gave me one of the best times of my life I did enjoy being around other women and not just my two little crazy boys in my life!

Mrs.S and Mrs.L
Thank You!!

The pumpkin roll!

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  1. Hey Heather,
    Thanks for coming over & taking over the kitchen & the duties after we cleaning up! Thank You!
    You can come over and help anytime.
    Love ya,
    Mrs. S


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