Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Rules: (before I go further, just know I do not guarantee that I will follow all the following rules. It's my award.)
                                                      1) Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
2) Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you MUST create 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award.
3) Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
4) Go to their page and inform them of the nomination.
5) Absolutely NO tag backs (no awarding who awarded you).
6) Remember to ONLY award bloggers with less than 200 followers
Again, you've been warned!

1. Why do you blog?
I enjoy it to put my thoughts down and see what others comment, to share God creation and words to all.

2. Do you like pickles?
Not a fan... 

3. Are you afraid of heights?
well it all depends but i would have to say yes most times i always feel i will fall.... HAHA

4. If you were guaranteed a position in any job/career, what would you want it to be?
A missionary to Korea or japan... :) 

5. What would you value most in a spouse?
We are equally yoked and that he has a strong love and faith for Jesus Christ and that he loves the Lord more then me!!!!!!

6. Would you rather go bungee jumping, clean a pig's pen, or eat a jalapeno?
I would do either bungee jumping i have done the cleaning a pig's pen- Thanks Matt :).

7. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
peanut butter and chocolate mmmmmm....

8. Have you ever seen a shooting star?
Yes they are pretty...*)

9. What is your favorite camp memory? Or campING memory?
I do not really like camping I get eaten up by bugs ugh...  :(  but when i was young i visited the grand canyon.

10. What is the coolest (as in unique or interesting, not temperature) place you've ever been?
the Road trips with my kids from Montana to Cali... Until we take a trip to Korea and or Japan ^^

11. Heels or flats? Flipflops or boots? 
Flats yayay and Boots for winter!! :)

Now go look up Leibster and tell me what it means.

It's German...  it can mean a few things from sweetheart, dearest, beloved... etc 

My questions for you:-
1. Do you believe in God?
2. Are you saved, If not what stops you?
3. If you could travel some where (other then your own country) where would it be?
4. What are you most afraid of..?
5. What do you love to do with your time (besides work/school)? 
6. What is your favorite color/colors?
7. What are you wanting in you future spouse..?
8. What is you favorite bible verse?
9. How often do you pray and if less then 1 hr a day could you spare more time..?
10. What are you most thankful for..?
11. What do you want to do with your life?

Now take a picture of what your view from home looks like and post it on your own response to this award and comment your link below. 

I present this award to and I am Tagging:

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  1. Hi Heather, I'm writing down all my answers tonight, and will hopefully have it posted tomorrow. I'm sorry, but for personal reasons, I can' take a picture of our house. Sorry about that. Thanks though for nominating me! :)


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