Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hiked the L and SURVIVED!!!

Hiked the L and SURVIVED!!
So I texted Mrs. N and asked if the two girls could go hiking with me and my big boy… I also asked Jeri , they all said YES!!!

I have never hiked the L before only the M… For those of you who do not live in my city might not know what that is.

Well it’s a huge letter on a huge mountain (exaggerating a little) and there is a path to climb up to it.

Each letter means something like the M stands for my city’s name.

The L …. Well not sure what it stands for I think it’s for Lolo but not too sure.

Anyways my son has wanted to hike it for a long time now so I said why not, Jeri has hiked it before…

But neither I nor the others girls have, so we climb and wow I must have stop over a hundred times (exaggerating).

Boy did I fill the burn and pain in my calf’s and legs!!

Though the other girl thought it was nothing and beat me it was nice to burn whatever it was I burnt off … hehe

So I took pictures ~of course~ on the way up and also and the end.

My old post from last summer and never posted it! ha-ha so here it is!


  1. Haha1 Heather you finally posted this! At first I was like, "When did I go hiking with Heather?" Lol =) I forgot about those cute pictures!

    1. Haha ya almost a year later but better then never i did it to throw everyone off haha jk you back yet


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