Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get Out There!!!

Well my fellow bloggers... 
How are you that is the key?
 (Or question he-he)

So I work Monday thru Friday 8-5p it’s a lot of work and its fun I have met some great people there...
There are two people I know are saved but we will see as I continue working there and getting close I hope to slowly talk to them about the Lord and see where it goes.... I like to take things slow (but not to slow). 

What about you, are there any people in your life that you think may or may not be lost? If so are you willing to pass up an opportunity to spread to gospel they or we can lose our live in a flash of an eye or snap of a finger....
Get out there and get out of your comfort zone, we are doing this for the Lord not for anyone or anything else! God wants you to spread is words out and plant seed so they can grow! 

I did not give any verses but I think you are capable and smart to know that there are many verses in the Bible relevant to that...

So get out there even one person a week giving out a track, writing a letter, or talking to someone just put the gospel out there! Try it for a month once a week and if you fill brave maybe once a day! Little steps are better than none right! :  )


  1. Great post!! Thanks for saying all that and encouraging us Christians to witness!

  2. Just so you know, I awarded you over at my blog!


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