Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just an Idea!

So I just wanted to blog about something I think is great to have around your home or bedroom.
I find it amazing as well as very helpful to myself.
I put a few different poster or little things I have created like versus
Around my house to help with memorizing
To give me strength to turn for sin
Even just to help remember like giving thanks to God.
One of my favorites!
A great and easy versus to memorize!

I used magnets to keep this one up!

Its also a good thing to have some posted around your home form the younger kids,
So they can read them and also learn them too.

I place different ones around my home for myself and for others!

I have younger girls look up to me and want them to know its OK to wait!!

God loves us and we sometimes need to have things up just to remind us.

As well as to keep us on the right path!

And every home should have the Ten Commandments for any and all!

This is a great one to help remind us as well a great one to remember!

We always need to remember to pray for others!!!

My prayer list poster board!
We all need to learn to pray for others,
I too still have to remind myself!
= )

And the most amazing one of all!

The one that speaks without using any words!!!


1 comment:

  1. Very good! I'm glad you got those verses up around your house!


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